ServiceOne provides services to ensure the highest level of efficiency for each employee through the system of adaptation, training, motivation and involvement, as well as the most comfortable working conditions.

We provide the following services:

  • Documentation of work with personnel - personnel accounting, registration of all documentation on personnel, ensuring document circulation.
  • Personnel Assistance Activities - Collection and structuring of information about company needs in specialists;
  • Personnel evaluation activities - organization and evaluation of procedures; formalization of the process; development of evaluation criteria; application of audit technology; documentation creation;
  • Personnel development activities - organization and conduct of career development activities;
  • Participation in the development and selection of training programs; provision of adaptation and training of employees; process administration and documentation maintenance;
  • Activities on organization of corporate social policy - development and implementation; realization of all measures in the direction, including assessment of the level of employee satisfaction, monitoring of the labor market; administering and maintaining documentation;
  • Operational personnel management - participation in rotation of personnel, introduction of methodologies, recommended by the Criminal Code and corporate policy;
  • Strategic personnel management of the organization - implementation of the system of strategic human resources management; systematic update of the Companies Orchestra;
  • Formation of corporate culture and politics; planning HR budget; participation in making managerial decisions, interaction with service providers;


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