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History of the Company

MagneticOne Group started with the establishment of MagneticOne in 2001 by Ruslan Savchyshyn. The company was providing software development services to clients. As of 2005, Ruslan Savchyshyn personally completed 500 projects as an outsourcing partner.

Later then, the company began to develop its own products and solutions. The first was Store Manager for osCommerce – an online store management program on osCommerce platform. After that the company had created about 280 modules for various e-commerce online shopping platforms.

In 2009, the first online Cart2Cart service was launched and became a starting point  for a series of products in the automatic data migration segment, such as API2Cart (2012), CMS2CMS (2013), Data2CRM (2014).

A division of the desktop software development company was allocated to a separate company eMagicOne, headed by Sergey Savchyshyn.

With the growth of the company, the staff management became more complicated.

In such way, in  2010 was founded Yaware company with its’ first product  – the automatic Yaware TimeTracker system. The co-founder of the company, together with Ruslan Savchyshyn, became Oleg Cherevatyy, who at that time was in the position of designer. Nowadays, Oleg continue to be a reliable Partner in the group of companies and co-founder of several companies within the MagneticOne Group.

In 2014 it was decided to create a management company ManageOne to organize a management system in companies.Already at that time the  MagneticOnes’ products were mature and there was a need to reorganize the company to maximize growth and development at the level of the best companies in the world. As a result, in 2016 was established MagneticOne Group.

In 2018, it became clear that a group of companies could grow even faster through acquisitions and mergers. The first such merger was between Data2CRM and the US-based Trujay company. The new company has became the world leader in crm-data migration.

In February 2021 MagneticOne became a badged Google Partner.

In order to grow the group as quickly as possible, several service companies had been set up to help major group companies, as well as clients outside the group by providing system administration services, hiring etc.

MagneticOne Group currently has more than 15 companies and continues to grow. You can find information about each company on our Brands page

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