Internal Audits

Internal Audits

MagneticOne Group conducts periodic audits to check the management tools status.

Types of audits:
  1. The overall audit staff
  2. Management Audit
  3. Special audits
  4. Financial audit
  5. Staff’s audit
  6. Technical audit
  7. Implemented tools audit
  8. Audit of planning
  9. HR Audit
The audit purpose:

Check the status of compliance by Organizational policies and other instructions in the company, to prevent the management system degradation, and prepare an action plan to improve the system.

Form of audits:
  1. Representative attends meetings that take place in the company
  2. Representative talks to company employees and finds problematic moments in the company
  3. The representative checks the relevance of available management tools:
    1. Organizational scheme
    2. Organizational policy
    3. Job instructions
    4. Statistician

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