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Rewards Program
Rewards Program

By introducing Rewards Program we would like to encourage and support active users who help MagneticOne in different manners. Please see our offerings below to find out which program is the best for you.

Spread The Word Reward

Get up to $30 discount ($3 for every unique message*) on your next purchase by posting your opinion about MagneticOne software in public places (forums, blogs, social networks etc). This program is good for people who would like to take some time to get MagneticOne software with discount.

This program is good for people who would like to invest small time to get MagneticOne software with discount.

To get personal discount coupon you will need to send direct links to your public messages to MagneticOne Support Team.

Active Supporter Reward

Get additional update service months, latest versions with new features, additional Store Manager licenses, free licenses for additional domains by helping to improve and test MagneticOne software - both Store Manager and Shopping Cart Modules. Be Rewarded for Your Efforts!

This program is mostly for technical people who participate in the development process in some manner.

To get your reward please contact MagneticOne Support Team with short references to how you helped.

Customer Loyalty Reward

Earn Shopping Points while shopping at Store for the money you invested in MagneticOne software. Once earned, you'll be able to use those points to pay for future purchases at Store, saving even more!

All MagneticOne Store customers already participate in this program.

Please see details here

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* - For now we allow up to $30 dollars (10 messages) discount per product, on products that cost $100 and more, it may be changed later on, based on your feedback. No spam please, we Have Zero Tolerance for Spam

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